Although the company was legally established in 2013, the founder of “Loban Originals” has been rebuilding, recycling, and restoring a wide range of vehicles for over 4 decades. It started off with bicycles, then it was minibikes, followed by mopeds and small displacement motorcycles. But In 1981 it got serious, and cars came into play. The then 13-year-old Richard Loban, who was out one day working his paper route, came across a wrecked 1970 Volkswagen Beetle with a for sale sign in the window.

It was sitting alongside a service station that he regularly passed but hadn’t noticed due to the way they had it parked. It was stuffed between two cars facing a fence. All you could see was the smashed rear fenders and deck lid. But on this particular day the car was moved to an area all by itself. It was backed in, with the front facing the street. Giving a full panoramic view of this nearly perfect Bug.

Still not yet being old enough to drive, Richard felt he had more than enough time to rebuild it and have it roadworthy by his sixteenth birthday.

$75 bucks later, the “Loban Originals” journey began!